Note: The downloads at the top are the source code. Go near the bottom of this page for Windows/macOS installers


Qcma is a cross-platform application to provide a Open Source implementation of the original Content Manager Assistant that comes with the PS Vita. Qcma is meant to be compatible with Linux, Windows and MAC OS X.


The aim of this project is to provide an implementation that is on par with the official CMA and also offer some features missing in the original one.

Implemented features.

Headless version

There is a qcma_cli binary that doesn’t need a X session running (useful for servers). The daemon provides minimal interaction via UNIX signals.


Downloads (Latest version: 0.4.1)

Linux repos (0.4.1)

Windows Installer (0.4.1)

macOS dmg (0.4.1-1)

Where do I get the source code?

Check the GitHub repo here:

I want to contribute

Contact me on GitHub

Thanks to

Yifan Lu - for the vitamtp library and the reference implementation of OpenCMA.

Xian Nox - for the Wiki and various contributions.


GPL v3: since some parts of QCMA are based on the reference implementation of OpenCMA.